About Me

My Work

I find myself leaning towards landscape photography & photographing my puppies the most. However I would like to try some portrait photography as well...I have also photographed three weddings...two with film cameras and one with my DSLR. I will admit digital photography is MUCH less stressful!


I'm an amateur photographer who began with film photography in the 1980's. I left photography to pursue a career in teaching physical education. I recently got interested in iPhone photography as a hobby. This led me to purchase a DSLR and the photography bug bit me again!

Other Interests

I like to think I make music on the guitar but in reality it's probably just noise! Actually, playing guitar is something I have always wanted to do since I was very young. We couldn't afford much so that dream faded...Until I got older...in my 40's...and I purchased my first electric guitar. It was a dream come true. I'm not selling out 50,000 seat arenas, but our cats don't complain!

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